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Community Tweeting It

I just realised I never wrote about this small project I created back in 2020. The show Community had a bunch of Twitter account for the characters on the show. They wrote tweets in characters every now and then, which added some additional character interactions to the show. A few times the twitter interactions were also referenced in the show.

I've scraped the tweets of all (known) accounts and created a website to browse all community tweets. I tried to assign the tweets to episodes based on the airing dates. With the current acquisition of Twitter by Musk and the following "turbulences" it might be a good idea to check the project again to see if more data can be preserved. It would be a shame if this piece of my favorite show disappeared forever.

The source and prepared datasets can be found on GitHub.

The show also add a homepage for the fictional community college. Sadly the website is no longer available but it's in the internet archive. Sadly the videos of the A/V Department did not survive.