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Devlog 2: Compiling

Requires a Controller! Keyboard and Mouse input is not supported!

I've compiled the game in its current state for windows (developed on linux). This is a pure debugging version with one "AI" player standing around as a target. I haven't tested it with multiple controllers/players, but it should work. The controls are only tested with XBox Controllers.


  • Left Stick to walk
  • Right Stick to aim
  • X to sprint (debug sprint)
  • A to charge the weapon if needed
  • Shoulders to select weapons
  • Cross for menu and weapon selection

Download Walk'n'Shoot

Devlog 1: Polishing Weapons

weapon crates

I've added the first "real" mechanic to the game: Weapon Crates!
Instead of giving all weapons ( 7 at the moment) to every player, the game start without any weapons. At the start of the game 10 crates are dropped onto the board, each containing a random weapon. After the result phase (I've really need a better name for it) additional crates are spawn. This creates an incentive to use the walk phase, instead of staying in a relative safe spot and wait. Additionally, weapons only have a limited shots requiring players to pick up new ones.
In the future I want to introduce tiers of crates that can be visually distinguished. This should create more conflicts as players will try to get the high tier crate, with stronger weapons, instead of taking the safe bet.

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Walk'n'Shoot: New Screenshot

I've completed the phase cycle and added new weapons.

weapon choose Bazooka Shot Read more ...

First Screenshots of an untitled Game

player selection walking Read more ...