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Fediverse Games

# Published: by h4kor

In order to understand the ActivityPub protocol (at some point I want to make my blog available via ActivityPub) I've created a minimal server hosting game services for the Fediverse.

The service is currently hosted on and provides three games:

  • Rock Paper Scissors
  • Tic-Tac-Toe
  • Bunkers, an artillery game

The games can be played by mentioning the service and and your opponent in a note. I've mainly tested these with Mastodon but they should also work with other fediverse apps.

Screenshot from the Bunkers games

I want to release the source code soon, but it still needs some clean up, documentation and testing to be useful to anyone. The server is written in go and if you want to build something similar I've used these libraries to help with the ActivityPub implementation: