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Fun Facts Game

# Published: by Niko Abeler

I've create a small game:

How To Play:

  • Meet up with friends, co-workers or people you would like to know better in a video call (or in person once the pandemic ends).
  • Create a new game and share the link with all players.
  • At the top of the Page you can enter new fun facts about you, for example: “As a child I owned 10 chickens”.
  • Wait until some facts are in the pool. The number of facts is shown in the sidebar.
  • With “Next Facts” you can show change the fact shown to all players. Discuss in the group from whom the fact might be.
  • You can set your choice in the sidebar by clicking on a name.
  • Once everybody has set their choice, the submitter (or game creator) can reveal the author of the fact.
  • Talk about the fun fact.
  • Repeat until no more facts are available.