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Weekly 2022-41

  • Read The Lean Startup by Eric Ries
    • My take aways:
      • Start to measure success metrics from day 1
      • Avoid measurements which increase naturally (i.e. number of registered users).
      • Ensure you can do split tests from the start
      • Build "sloppy" feature and check if they improve your success metrics. If they don't, question why and throw that feature away
  • Finished the Jean le Flambeur Series by Hannu Rajaniemi. 5/5
    • The books play in a future version of the solar system where virtually everything is turned into smart matter and the boundaries between "reality" and the virtual world are blurred to the point where they almost no longer matter. The series tells the story of "Jean le Flambeur" and "Mieli", who travel the solar system to fulfil their duties to a Goddess. The journey takes them to Mars, Earth and Saturn.