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Microformat Categories for Hashtags in owl-blogs

I recently added hashtag support to owl-blogs. The initial reason for this was to to make post more discoverable via ActivityPub, but I found it helpful to further categories posts. The implementation was quiet simple. I use the markdown renderer goldmark which has a plugin for hashtags.

As tags are also part of microformats2, I wanted to mark the hashtags accordingly. This is currently not possible with the hashtag extension.

I've extended this to allow adding arbitrary attributes to the link tag (Related Pull Request). Until this is merged into the main repository I'll use my own version, which can be done by adding a replace directive to the go.mod

replace => v0.0.0-20240619193802-bec327f5be38

#go #dev #owlblogs #markdown #indieweb


#indieweb How do you deal with postings in different languages? I normally write in English, but occasionally switch to German if the main audience is German.


I've started owl-blogs to explore the #IndieWeb space. At the moment I'm "only" using #microformats and #webmention.

I've tried to implement #micropub in the past, but found it provided to little value for me.

Anything I should try out next?