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Ludum Dare 38: Little Sky Farm

# Published: by Niko Abeler

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Little Sky Farm


You want to go the final step with your loved one but damn it is expensive. Living on a small floating island there isn't much to earn money with, but you have to find a way before it is too late. Farm the little land you have to rack up the money you need.

Game Mechanics

The worth of objects changes with time. Most objects get more valuable over time, but only to a certain point. Once they exceeded this point the value deteriorates until they are completely worthless.

It is your job to find out how long processes have to run for an optimal outcome.

This requires keen observation and managing your time between different tasks.


  • WASD and Arrow-Keys: Walk and Jump
  • Spacebar: Use selected tool
  • Mouse: Control build menu
  • 1-8: Change Tool


  • Hammer: Interact with most objects
  • Wood: Plant trees
  • Wheat: Plant Wheat
  • Other: there might be hidden functionalities


Third Party Tools/Assets


Little Sky Factory